About us

How we started

Tweed Body Clinic is owned and operated by Gregg Wyatt. Previously known as Banora Massage, Gregg has been operating the clinic since 2003.

Initially pursuing a career in Naturopathy Gregg diverted into the field of body-work (Remedial Therapies) as his love for Anatomy & Physiology became more apparent. His interest in alternative health care came after enduring several years of Chronic Fatigue (CFS). Unable to overcome his illness through conventional medicine Gregg started searching for alternative solutions. This search led Gregg into the discovery, and now a career, in natural health.

Always seeking to find more effective solutions for his clients conditions, Gregg discovered SCENAR Therapy and commenced research into this ‘new’ modality. Amazed at the results of SCENAR Therapy, Gregg purchased a device and began training. Results with SCENAR were immediate! Pain relief and physical dysfunction were treated with a much more gentler approach yet the results came faster and the benefits to the client were more substantial. Many clients found their overall health improved tremendously.

Gregg has now been utilising SCENAR Therapy and Physiokey Therapy in his clinic since 2006 with amazing success. Ongoing study into this remarkable modality has led Gregg into the discovery that SCENAR not only works well with pain relief, but is also able to assist people with a variety of illnesses that they were unable to overcome with other therapies.


Since beginning SCENAR Therapy, Gregg has pursued professional development and has training to Level 3 standard. He has also completed Master Classes, Dynamic Raetzel Approach, Sports and Cosmetology training.

His training comes from Professional Educators around the world, including:

  • Chris Mortensen. Chris is regarded as one of the world’s most experienced SCENAR practitioner, educator and presenter.
  • Professor Alexander Revenko. Professor Revenko is one of the founders and also leading educators on SCENAR Therapy.
  • Doctor Subbotina Galina. A leading educator working along side Professor Revenko bringing SCENAR knowledge to the world.
  • Doctor Gerd Raetzel. Orthopaedic Surgeon, Bio-medical engineer, Anatomical University lecturer, Scientist and Author of The Dynamic Raetzel Approach.
  • Prof. Alexander Tarakanov, M.D., Prof. Tarakanov is the head of the Emergency Department at the Advanced Scenar Training Faculty for physicians at Rostov State Medical University in Russia, and is the Director of SCENAR-therapy Research Institute.
  • Tom Askew . Tom is a global pioneer and international teacher of SCENAR therapy around the world.
  • Dr. Donese Worden. A Naturopathic Medical Doctor, an expert diagnostician, a global health educator and a leader in Bioenergetic Medicine

Gregg has conducted 1000’s of treatments utilising Neurostimulation Therapy ( SCENAR and Physiokey) and has encountered some of the most amazing recoveries. His ability to bring change to difficult cases is why he is now a sort out practitioner in Northern NSW and South East Queensland.